Royal Sky bead Necklace

Add a splash of color to your outfit for a brighter and more cheerful look. Topping off your attire with this necklace, is the easiest way to make your look distinctive and unique.
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- Intricate, Elegant and Feminine, this Royal Sky bead Necklace features Daisy-inspired design in hues of Blues.

- Made with High quality materials and craftsmanship.

- The necklace has an adjustable closure

- This necklace can be worn everyday and can be paired with any attire.

- It is perfect for gifting option for your loved ones.

- Materials:  Metal, Acrylic beads, Rhinestone

- Care Tips:
- Wipe clean with dry cloth.

- Store jewelry separately from other pieces to avoid scratches. 

 - Remove before swimming, bathing and doing household chores.

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